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The Wedding Ceremony

Harp is the perfect instrument for a wedding.  Rebecca has a wide selection of music to choose from and is available to help you plan your special day (See panel below). When planning the music for your wedding, you may want to consider having the harpist play at four significant times during the ceremony:

  • As the Guests Arrive – The harp provides twenty minutes of Prelude music before the ceremony to set the mood for the arriving guests.
  • The processional (wedding march) – The harp accompanies the bride up the aisle with a regal march. (Some brides choose separate pieces for the entry of the Groomsmen and/or the Bridesmaids in addition to the bridal march)
  • Signing music – A beautiful harp aria provides a contemplative interlude while you sign the Marriage Register.
  • Recessional – Finally, the harp plays joyful music to usher you, the newlyweds, into a new life together.

The entire duration of time for a typical civil service is approximately an hour. Rebecca has also performed many Catholic Weddings and would be happy to consult with your priest to work out the musical details.

You might consider having the harp play for additional time to entertain the guests during the photo session.

For larger or outdoor events, Rebecca can use battery amplification to ensure that everyone can hear and enjoy her music.

As a rule, Rebecca does not do Requests, but she will consider your musical ideas. If it is agreed upon, there will be an extra charge

Outdoor weddings – Harps are expensive instruments therefore they require strict conditions when being performed outdoors. The harp CANNOT, under any situation, be exposed to sunlight, precipitation, wind or cold/hot temperatures. If these conditions are not met, Rebecca reserves the right to refuse service. Please consult her for the details if you have any questions

Harpist for wedding ceremonies - waterfront setting


Rates vary depending on duration of performance and location within the lower mainland. Contact Rebecca for a FREE CONSULTATION at (604) 874-1733 or

Looking for more than just solo harp? Rebecca plays with a trio of harp, violin and flute. This group, called Triskellion, features Rosie Carver and Michelle Carlisle who are members of the local favourite Celtic folk band, Blackthorn.

Harpist for wedding ceremonies


These are a few of the pieces that can be used in the wedding ceremony:

For the processional (wedding march):

  • Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’
  • Royal Dream
  • O’Carolan’s ‘Blind Mary’
  • Wagner’s ‘Wedding March’

For signing music:

  • Gentle Maiden
  • O’Carolan’s ‘Sheebeg and Sheemore’
  • A Time for us (love theme from the movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’)
  • Handel’s ‘Arioso’

For the Recessional:

  • Purcell’s ‘Trumpet Voluntary’
  • Handel’s ‘Trumpet Tune’
  • O’Carolan’s ‘Hugh O’Donnell’
  • O’Carolan’s ‘Morgan Magan’



Popular Music

  • Somewhere over the Rainbow
  • It’s a Wonderful World
  • Fly me to the Moon
  • La Vie en Rose
  • Stand by Me
  • Love me Tender
  • Edelweiss
  • Moon River

Celtic Music

  • O’Carolan’s Welcome
  • O’Carolan’s ‘Elinor Plunkett’
  • Butterfly
  • Orange Rogue
  • Sally Gardens
  • Mairi’s Wedding
  • Ash Grove
  • Dark Isle
  • My Love is like a Red, Red Rose
  • Lark in the Clear Air

Classical Music

  • Morning Has Broken
  • Puccini’s ‘Musetta’s Waltz’ (from the opera ‘La Boheme’)
  • Handel’s ‘Arioso’
  • Strauss’ ‘Emperor Waltz’
  • Satie’s ‘Gymnopodie’
  • Vaughan William’s ‘Jupiter’
  • Haydn’s ‘St. Anthony Chorale’
  • Loreena McKennitt’s ‘Tango to Evora’
  • Orlando Ortiz ‘Milonga Para Amar’


What parts of a wedding ceremony need music?

A wedding ceremony usually has music as the guests arrive, the Processional, Signing Music and Recessional. See the Wedding Ceremony above for details.

During the Wedding March do I as the bride have to time my walk down the aisle in order to fit the music?

No, Rebecca can easily modify her music to fit seamlessly into your ceremony’s various time requirements so you can just focus on enjoying the moment.  Consult with her for more details.

Can the harp be played outside?

Yes. The only important thing to remember is that if there is any sort of precipitation, the harp will need to be moved immediately to a covered area.  The harp is made of wood and metal and can be easily damaged, so there can be no exceptions. Direct sunlight should also be avoided since the heat will cause the harp to go quickly out of tune and sound terrible for the ceremony.

How do I pick the music?

Rebecca has an extensive repertoire list to choose from. Take a look at her AUDIO/REPERTOIRE above to see the selection and listen to audio samples. Rebecca is happy to consult with you about your ceremony or event.

Will my guests be able to hear the harp?

Generally the harp is heard just fine without amplification. However for those events that have larger audiences or an outdoor venue, Rebecca can bring a battery-powered amplifier.

How are your prices compared to other harpists and musicians?

Rebecca’s prices are very comparable to the other harpists and are determined by the duration, location and cartage fees.  Her prices have remained in the same price range for years and she offers a number of packages depending on the budget. Feel free to consult with Rebecca for rates.