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Care of Your Harp

Think of your harp as a cross between a baby and an antique piece of furniture so:

Don’t leave it in a car on a sunny day.

Don’t expose it to moisture or precipitation. Also don’t expose it to a dry environment (more of an issue in the B.C. interior).

Always transport it in its case or (only as a last resort) wrapped in a blanket with the levers facing up. Laying it levers down could damage or twist the levers.

In the house keep it away from heavy traffic areas, small children, pets, anything that could knock it over. When not playing it, set it with its back leaning against a wall preferably in a corner to give it greater stability. If in doubt, store it in its case lying down on its back on the floor in a corner.

In the house – keep it away from heating vents and sunny windows – Changeable temperature make the harp go out of tune or even break a string.

Tune it regularly which sets its ‘bones’ and thus will keep it more in tune. The more you tune it, the less difficult it will be to tune.

Replace all broken strings as soon as possible since the gap puts extra stress on the surrounding strings and could cause further breakage.

Reset all the levers ‘down’ when you aren’t playing the harp. The extra tension of engaged levers on the strings will stretch them out.

Wipe off dust with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using any furniture cleaners. Same goes for the harp strings.